A/C compressor

We own manufacture the automotive air conditioning comprssor's cylinder body, planet carrier, chief axis, swash plate, front and back over, pistion parts and so on. Our monthly production capacity is more than 50,000 pcs. Meanwhile .there are one automatic assembly line, one semi automatic assembly production lines, one semi auto parts processing production line introduced from Korea. There are 12 sets Production machining center and 16 sets of CNC lathe processing introduced from Japan. We have variety kinds of testing equipment, Such as Metallography Analyser,Three-dimension Measuring .Spectrometer Instrument , Roughness Instrument,Endurance Test-bed, Performance and Life Test bed, Noise Test ,Helium leakage detector, and etc. From the beginning of purchasing raw material until the complete test of finish product which are all under-controlled one by one strictly. All of these ensure each compressor's quality.

our products mainly items:7SEU/6SEU/5SEU/7SBU, PXE, VSE, 5V16, 6V12,7V16, 10S, 10PA, HS,DKS, 10B, 10P08, 7H, 5H and so on. Including internally piloting,external piloting and the which of two-way inclined plate swing compressor type.With their applications covering mini vehicle,family car,trucks and Commercial vehicle ect. We have successfully supported several domestic OE manufacturer and exported to more than 50 countries and regions in aftermarket,and the rapid growth.



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